Detect threatening and abnormal activities in real time

with DeepNeuronic intelligent system

What is DeepNeuronic?

An analytics framework powered by Machine Learning algorithms to conduct real-time analysis of images to detect threatening and abnormal activities.

About US

DeepNeuronic stands for Deep Neural Systems for Automatic Vision. We are a tech startup born in 2020, focused in detecting threatening and abnormal activities in real-time using Machine Learning.


To provide accurate and in real-time predictions and analysis of multiple threatening activities, such as fighting, arson, theft, to empower people and businesses to promptly act, and at the same time, reduce monetary losses and increase social safety.


Provide tools that allow stakeholders to promptly act upon public crimes. Thus promoting safety, protecting assets and consequently reducing crime rates.

Our Team

Vasco Lopes


Bruno Degardin


Gaspar Ramôa

Principal Engineer

Nuno Pereira

Principal Engineer

Vitor Crespo


News and Awards

EIT HUB - Calling2Scale Bootcamp (November 2020)

PORTUGAL 2020 (P2020) European fund award      

Contact Information

UBIMEDICAL, Estrada Municipal 506, 6200-284
Covilhã, Portugal